Our philosophy

The Attanasio company preserves the winemaking tradition of Manduria and the identity of Primitivo, wants to make this typicality accessible also by improving the winemaking processes and refinements.

Family traditionThe company is deep rooted in the territory, Alessandro represents the fourth generation of winemakers but it was with Attanasio Giuseppe, the father, that the company entered the world of primitivo for the bottle.

ArtisanalityThe strong connotation of artisanality can be seen in the vineyard, in the quality of the wine but also in the style of the labels created personally by Attanasio Giuseppe.

The characteristic vineyardsThe bush vines, even centenary ones, are the vineyards that characterize the firm, open branches, sparse and thinned out bunches help the ripening of the grapes and the concentration of the wine.

The tasteThe right harmony between fruit, alcohol and tannins gives thickness and easy of drinking to all the firm's wines

Winemaking processWinemaking process at a controlled temperature but with the traditional techniques of punching down, soft pressing with the hydraulic press and refinements in amphorae (the rosé), in cement and in oak barriques (the dry red) favor the aging of the wines.

The selection of the best plants and careful aging in the cellar allow to give to the wine a very important elegance and balsamic quality.


Single grape, Primitivo di Manduria


90 years in viticulture


Five different interpretations of Primitivo di Manduria to fully explore this land - Approximately twenty-five thousand bottles produced per year